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How to Choose the Right Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) - Includes Quiz

*Scroll to bottom for quiz. There's something really great about stand up paddle boarding. What I love is that it truly is for everyone. You can use a SUP for yoga, a casual paddle to clear your mind, a fast paced ride for a solid workout, or even surfing! If you already know how great SUP's are and you're ready to buy one but you just aren't quite sure how to choose one, you came to the right place. Lets's get to it,  There are four main points to consider when you are in the market for a paddle board: Hull Type Inflatable vs. Solid Volume & Weight Capacity Board Length & Width    1. Hull Type The hull refers...

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Training Mask Review

Why Use a Training Mask? • Something new and exciting. Sometimes the toughest part of being fit and active is the monotony of working out. Tedious workouts can put a huge damper on your motivation. A simple fix may just be trying something new and exciting. • Time and focus. For less time-consuming workout method that keeps you engaged while exercising, the Training Mask might be the perfect solution for you.  Benefits • Enhances the anaerobic (short intense burst of activity) and cardio aspects of your training.  • Designed to simulate altitude training. Training at higher elevations where there is less oxygen is a method many athletes use. The adaption of the lower concentration of oxygen increases your aerobic endurance. This gives you an advantage over athletes who have been training at...

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